WealthEngine WE Prosper Summit 2019

2019 Replay

WealthEngine’s 2nd Annual WE Prosper Summit took place at the Newseum in Washington, DC on October 1, 2019.

This event brought thought leaders and industry experts together to discuss this year’s theme of The Power of Personalized Engagement.

With over 170 attendees from non-profit organizations, higher education, healthcare, financial institutions, and more, this event brought together a diverse range of executives and directors to examine the latest trends and share best practices on driving wealth-aware campaigns. 

Relive the magic of WE Prosper Summit 2019 by watching our session recaps and gain insight on the key takeaways of each speaker by reading our blog content.

WATCH Welcome

Watch WealthEngine’s very own CEO, PV Boccasam, set the tone for WE Prosper by going over his own business philosophy and explaining the importance of wealth insights.

WATCH Key Takeaways

Don’t have time to watch every session? Listen to WealthEngine’s CEO, PV Boccasam, cover the key takeaways of WE Prosper and how they tie back into The Power of Personalized Engagement.

WATCH General Sessions

Building Distinctive & Authentic Strategies in the Era of Data Abundance

Tom Monahan, Founder & Managing Partner, Norton Street Capital

Best Practices to Strength Your Fundraising Cycle

Moderator: Joanna Miller, Client Engagement Manager, WealthEngine

Patricia Eisner, Director of Development Two Rivers Public Charter Schools, former CDO Malala Fund
Brodie Remington, Principal, Remington Philanthropy Associates

Mary Beth Nibley, Director, Development Research & Prospect Management, University of Maryland

Making it Personal

Bob Ghafouri, Senior Managing Director & Founder, Accenture Bloom

Using Storytelling to Personalize Your Message & Grow Donors

Jay Scott, Executive Director, Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Being Practical About AI For Marketers & Fundraisers

Jim Manzi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Foundry.ai

Elevating Client Led Innovation with a Human Touch

Chady AlAhmar, SVP, Strategy & Analytics, U.S. Bank Wealth Management

The First Rule for Righteous Entrepreneurs

Mike Curtin, CEO, DC Central Kitchen

Serving Today’s High End Net Worth Donor

Jim Lintott, Chairman & Co-founder, Sterling Foundation Management, LLC

How to Utilize & Target Donor Advised Fund Givers for Fundraising

Amy Pirozzolo, Head of Marketing, Fidelity Charitable

The Digital Wave & Values-Based Business

Pat McQueen, SVP, Distribution Readiness, Salesforce.org

The State of Charitable Giving in the United States

Rick Dunham, Chair of the Board, Giving USA Foundation

Awards Ceremony

PV Bóccasam, CEO, WealthEngine

Elizabeth Schiffmann Orzechowski, VP of Product Management, WealthEngine


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